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OFWAT Innovation Challenge Demonstration Models

Subterra, a leading innovator in rapid screening technology, is proud to announce the release of open source models for the wastewater industry. These models are based on the groundbreaking library
developed through the OFWAT ( Innovation Challenge.

The OFWAT Innovation Challenge, an initiative aimed at fostering innovation in the
water industry, the library curated by WRc ( and United
Utilities ( provided the opportunity for Subterra to
develop three distinctive models that creates a space for utilities and partners in the
industry to learn how they could apply AI models in their ongoing maintenance
efforts of their wastewater collection systems.

Subterra has now made the following models available to the industry through an
open source framework.
Each model has a specific focus:
● Defect Classification: Identifying any defects within the pipe.
● Material Classification: Analyzing the material of the pipe.
● Obstruction Classification: Ensuring the pipe is operating

Over time these models will continue to advance as more utilities and wastewater
partners add more images from around the globe.
“We are thrilled to unveil these open source models born out of the OFWAT
Innovation Challenge. By making these models freely accessible, we hope to foster
collaboration, accelerate innovation, and contribute to the development of
sustainable wastewater solutions globally.”

Robert Lee, Founder & CEO of Subterra

To access the open source models and contribute to the community, visit