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central platform

to build and host your digital twin


Terralytics™ is a cloud-based platform to build and host your underground infrastructure digital twin. Our vision is to provide clients with the most accurate map of their underground network to better optimize the life of your assets by prioritizing where attention should be allocated.


Drag and drop video inspections from the field to the cloud

Transfer important video inspections from the field to the cloud easily with just a drag and drop functionality.


Automatically Assign Videos and Inspections to Assets

Workflows will automatically assign and link a video to a specific asset. You can tag a person to notify them of important observations. Over time, multiple videos attached to the asset will allow you to see trends.

TAGGING 360 Videos

Quick tagging of defects and issues within 360 video

Your in-house inspectors, contractors or Subterra’s team can quickly tag defects, issues or red flags while watching a 360 video from any system.


Virtual 360 Pan & Tilt

Legacy systems only allow you to see what the CCTV operator saw while filming. The Terralytics™ platform allows you to inspect, tag and report upon the condition of the pipe all from one platform. Onscreen telemetry is overlaid giving you distance and location of your video.


Quickly View & Share Videos

Tired of passing thumb drives around? View 360 videos, share across teams and contractors within minutes.

3d models

3D Models On Demand

Create 3D models and photorealistic reconstructions from any 360 video from any camera.

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