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A semi-automated

manhole inspection



Leave the CCTV truck back on the road and pack a VScout™ in your backpack. The VScout™ is designed for the most hard to access manholes. Offroad, in the middle of a busy street, you name it, the VScout™ is a rapid tool to inspect vertical assets including manholes, pumping stations and shafts.


 •  6lbs, Lightweight

 •  360° Lighting with 6000 lumens

 •  Run time of 1 hour continuous or full day if run intermittently (power extension coming soon)

 •  Dimensions; 7″ in diameter, 13″ in height

 •  Capture video of shaft diameters of 15 ft / 4.5 m

 •  Fits in purpose built backpack

 •  Comes with:

◦ 20ft retractable reel

data collection

Fast Data Collection Keeps Your Teams Moving

We consistently hear reports of an average manhole (10 ft / 3 m) being scanned in ~1 minute. Focused crews have reported scanning 40+ manhole structures in a single shift.


Get Going in an Hour

Coupled with Terralytics™, the vScout™ has been designed with little to no training needed. We have deployed in multiple countries by drop shipping the device and emailing your team a 5 minute video on it’s use. Field crews typically are collecting data on the first day!


Virtual 360 Pan and Tilt

Coupled with Terralytics™, the vScout™ captures 360° video allowing you to pan and tilt to your needs. The Terralytics™ platform allows you to inspect, tag and report upon the condition of the pipe all from one platform. Onscreen telemetry is overlaid giving you distance and location of your video.


Drag and drop video inspections from the field to the cloud

Transfer important video inspections from the field to the cloud easily with just a drag and drop functionality.

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